Jupiter, aggregator DEX na Solanie, przejmuje Ultimate Wallet w celu rozwoju mobilnego.

Solana’s leading decentralized exchange aggregator, Jupiter, acquired Ultimate Wallet and its mobile team in a recent business move aimed at enhancing its mobile capabilities. The announcement revealed plans for a forthcoming beta launch in May to onboard millions of users seeking high-speed on-chain trading experiences on Solana.

Jupiter’s strategic acquisition aligns with its objective of broadening its user base through mobile platforms, positioning itself as a top trading platform on Solana with a weekly volume exceeding $10 billion. The move signifies a step towards expanding product offerings to incorporate a native mobile wallet in the near future.

Ultimate Wallet, a prominent DeFi mobile app, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Jupiter in the acquisition announcement. Users were notified that the current app would be discontinued on May 22, 2024, ensuring the security of funds during the transitional phase. Following this date, users will still be able to access cloud backups but can only retrieve their recovery phase.

To facilitate a seamless transition for users, Ultimate’s team prepared a tutorial to assist in exporting wallets successfully. Jupiter’s new Jupiter Mobile initiative aims to introduce a mobile application enabling users to trade various tokens without fees, enhancing the trading experience within the Solana ecosystem.

Solana’s remarkable growth, propelled by a surge of 807% in the past year, positioned SOL as the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The memecoin phenomenon significantly contributed to this expansion, offering insights into the evolving dynamics within the digital asset landscape. Jupiter’s acquisition of Ultimate Wallet underscores the ongoing developments reshaping the decentralized exchange ecosystem on Solana, reflecting a broader trend towards mobile innovation and user-centric trading experiences.